Mark A. Gammon

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This essay explores the notion that bisexuality and contemporary bisexual political movements both align and trouble canons of queer theories of sexuality and gender. This project provides an historical review and assessment of recent bisexual theorizing to highlight key themes in its evolution as well as a discussion of how these themes have shaped the(More)
Defence R&D Canada - Atlantic's Networked Underwater Warfare technology demonstration project is conducting a trial to investigate the potential for enhanced effectiveness in producing an underwater common operating picture under field conditions. The trial consists of nodes including ships, aircraft, submarines and additional reach back to shore(More)
The core problem for networked systems for underwater surveillance revolves around the requirement to blend information from different sensors and platforms into a common operating picture. Data fusion of disparate data types can be problematic given the variety of potential surveillance systems in the network. Active and passive sonar in particular provide(More)
Target-like echoes from the use of active sonar, known as 'clutter', pose a problem to separate real from false contacts. A method for reducing the amount of clutter in tracking underwater targets is accomplished by using an iterative Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm (MOGA). The optimization minimizes the position of the genetic population with the last(More)
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