Mark A. Fehlberg

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—We present a novel bioinspired dynamic climbing robot, with a recursive name: ROCR is an Oscillating Climbing Robot. ROCR, pronounced " Rocker, " is a pendular, two-link, serial-chain robot that utilizes alternating hand-holds and an actuated tail to propel itself upward in a climbing style based on observation of human climbers and brachiating gibbons.(More)
The Active Handrest is a large workspace, human-machine interface that provides ergonomic support for a user's hand and arm while allowing the user to retain complete control over a grasped tool. In this paper, we introduce methods to improve the base performance of the Active Handrest's linear admittance controller (í µí±‰ = í µí°¾ í µí±Ž * í µí°¹) based(More)
The Active Handrest is a large workspace assistive robotic device that has been shown to significantly improve the user performance of various movement tasks. This device has the potential to assist highly accurate motions without the need for a robotically enabled or comanipulated tool while allowing the user to retain complete control over a grasped tool.(More)
People use handrests every day to complete dexterous activities as routine as providing a signature. However, the dexterous workspace of the hand is somewhat limited. To address this limit, we have developed an Active Handrest to aid in precision manipulation tasks by extending a user's dexterous work space while providing ergonomic support for reduced(More)
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