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The extraordinary successes and refinement of modern telemedicine applications in recent years have been diminished somewhat by the anachronistic licensure laws of the 50 state jurisdictions that limit the practice of medicine to specific state geographic boundaries. This approach is deficient when applied to telemedicine because, with the advent of the(More)
because her femoral hardware remained in place and could not safely be exchanged without risk of serious complications. She improved on this regimen and at her last visit was ambulating with a walker, which was her premorbid functional baseline. Lactobacilli are gram-positive, nonmotile, nonsporeforming anaerobes or facultative anaerobes. They are generally(More)
The dynamic tension facing health care organizations today is that of lower third-party payments and higher costs. The ever-present financial squeeze results in daily stressors for health care executives attempting to provide services with diminishing resources. How can one continue to "rob Peter to pay Paul," to make ends meet and stretch every dollar?
Health care organizations throughout Michigan continue to adjust to tightening budgets. Even so, there is a growing need to understand and act upon the more global and vexing health issues facing local communities. Managed care has greatly impacted community hospitals as well as community health agencies. The need to do more with less, and to do it more(More)
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