Mark A. Cascairo

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A retrospective, cross-sectional survey was conducted of all pediatric trauma cases seen by the ophthalmology department at our institution from January 1986 to December 1991. The study included 504 patients who were 15 years old or younger. The purpose of this study was to determine risk factors for ocular injury, especially injury resulting in severe(More)
We studied the effect of various background intensities on the components of fluctuation by testing 20 healthy subjects on the Humphrey Field Analyzer. Our results show little difference in the total fluctuation between two low photopic background intensities similar to those commonly used on commercial perimeters 3.02 dB for 31.5 apostilbs (asb) and 2.77(More)
Stripped rabbit ileal mucosa was studied in vitro in Ussing chambers under short-circuit conditions using the pH-stat technique to determine basal rates of luminal alkalinization; the contribution of the shunt pathway to the alkalinization process; the effects of Na, Cl, or HCO3 removal from the bathing solutions on luminal alkalinization; and the effects(More)
We used a new portable noncontact tonometer for home tonometry on 26 patients with chronic open-angle glaucoma or suspected low-tension glaucoma. In an outpatient setting, the mean difference and correlation coefficient between the family member's noncontact tonometry values and the nursing staff's applanation tonometry values used as a control was 1.0mmHg(More)
A total of 20 healthy individuals purposely missed an increasing number of individual catch trial questions (false positive or negative errors or fixation losses) when tested on the Humphrey Field Analyzer to determine the effect on the normal visual field. As determined by Statpac, the global indices and probability maps became significantly altered from(More)
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