Mark A. Carlson

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BACKGROUND Ovarian transposition is the anatomical relocation of the ovaries from the pelvis to the abdomen. Transposition is beneficial in women who are to undergo pelvic radiation, because it allows maintenance of ovarian function and preservation of assisted reproductive capacity. METHODS The da Vinci surgical system (Intuitive Surgical, Mountainview,(More)
OBJECTIVES Approximately 80% of patients complain of various symptoms immediately after laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication. These symptoms typically are treated medically without an extensive evaluation to identify the cause. We reviewed our experience of laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication to determine the course of postoperative symptomatology in our(More)
BACKGROUND The fibroblast-populated 3D collagen matrix is a model of tissue and healing which has been used since the 1980's. It was hypothesized that anchorage disruption of the collagen matrix would produce p53-dependent apoptosis in the embedded fibroblasts, but results of hypothesis testing were variant. FINDINGS The response of p53 to anchorage(More)
The fibroblast-populated three-dimensional (3-D) collagen matrix has been used to model matrix contraction, cell motility, and general fibroblast biology. MCPIP1 (monocyte chemotactic protein-induced protein 1) has been shown to regulate inflammation, angiogenesis, and cellular motility. In the present study, we demonstrated induction of MCPIP1 in human(More)
Noncompressible truncal hemorrhage and brain injury currently account for most early mortality of warfighters on the battlefield. There is no effective treatment for noncompressible truncal hemorrhage, other than rapid evacuation to a surgical facility. The availability of an effective field treatment for noncompressible truncal hemorrhage could increase(More)
The 1950s are often cited as a decade in which the Federal Reserve operated a particularly successful monetary policy. The present paper examines the evolution of Federal Reserve monetary policy from the mid-1930s through the 1950s in an effort to understand better the apparent success of policy in the 1950s. Whereas others have debated whether the Fed had(More)
BACKGROUND In clinical surgery, the vertical midline abdominal incision is popular but associated with healing failures. A murine model of the ventral vertical midline incision was developed in order to study the healing of this incision type. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS The strength of the wild type murine ventral abdominal wall in the midline was(More)
  • Mark A Carlson, Galina B Hale, Mark Carlson, Galina Hale, John Ammer, Eduardo Engel +11 others
  • 2005
We propose a model of rating agencies that is an application of global game theory in which heterogeneous investors act strategically. The model allows us to explore the impact of the introduction of a rating agency on financial markets. Our model suggests that the addition of the rating agency affects the probability of default and the magnitude of the(More)
[3H]Clonidine binds at particulate membrane fractions of human prefrontal cortex in a process that demonstrates high affinity, saturability, reversibility, alpha 2-adrenergic selectivity and the existence of multiple affinity states. At 37 degrees C maximal specific [3H]clonidine binding was briefly attained at 10 and lasted only until 15 min, while at 21(More)
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