Mark A. Berrill

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The use of computational accelerators such as NVIDIA GPUs and Intel Xeon Phi processors is now widespread in the high performance computing community, with many applications delivering impressive performance gains. However, programming these systems for high performance, performance portability and software maintainability has been a challenge. In this(More)
Block iterative methods are extremely important as smoothers for multigrid methods, as preconditioners for Krylov methods, and as solvers for diagonally dominant linear systems. Developing robust and efficient smoother algorithms suitable for current and evolving GPU and multicore CPU systems is a significant challenge. We address this issue in the case of(More)
Multiphase flows in porous medium systems are typically modeled at the macroscale by applying the principles of continuum mechanics to develop models that describe the behavior of averaged quantities, such as fluid pressure and saturation. These models require closure relations to produce solvable forms. One of these required closure relations is an(More)
The recently synthesized freestanding fouratom-thick double-layer sheet of ZnSe holds great promise as an ultraflexible and transparent photoelectrode material for solar water splitting. In this work, we report theoretical studies on a novel three-atom-thick single layer sheet of ZnSe that demonstrates a strong quantum confinement effect by exhibiting a(More)
In multiphase flow in porous media the consistent pore to Darcy scale description of two-fluid flow processes has been a long-standing challenge. Immiscible displacement processes occur at the scale of individual pores. However, the larger scale behavior is described by phenomenological relationships such as relative permeability, which typically uses only(More)
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