Mark A. Berrill

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Saturated tabletop lasers operating at 5 Hz repetition rate with average powers Ͼ1 ␮W were demonstrated at wavelengths between 16.5 and 13.9 nm in the 4d 1 S 0 –4p 1 P 1 transitions of Ni-like ions. The results were obtained using picosecond laser heating pulses with an energy of only 1 J by optimizing the angle of incidence for maximum energy deposition.(More)
We report gain-saturated operation of a 13.2 nm table-top laser in Ni-like Cd at a 5 Hz repetition rate. A gain-length product G x L = 17.6 was obtained by heating a precreated plasma with 8 ps duration Ti:sapphire laser pulses with an energy of only 1 J impinging at a grazing angle of 23 degrees. With an average power of approximately 1 muW [corrected](More)
There is keen interest in generating intense, coherent, soft-X-ray beams for scientific and measurement applications 1. Here, we report the demonstration of soft-X-ray lasers with essentially full spatial and temporal coherence operating at wavelengths below 20 nm, and in particular within the 13-nm spectral region, which is important for the manufacturing(More)
We demonstrate the generation of an intense soft-x-ray-laser beam by saturated amplification of high harmonic seed pulses in a dense transient collisional soft-x-ray-laser plasma amplifier created by heating a titanium target. Amplification in the 32.6 nm line of Ne-like Ti generates laser pulses of subpicosecond duration that are measured to approach full(More)
We report saturated operation of an 18.9-nm laser at 5-Hz repetition rate. An amplification with a gain-length product GL of 15.5 is obtained in the 4d 1S0-4p 1P1 laser line of Ni-like Mo in plasmas heated at grazing incidence with approximately 1-J pulses of 8.1-ps duration from a tabletop laser system. Lasing is obtained over a broad range of time delays(More)
We demonstrate a significant extension of the high-order harmonic cutoff by using a fully-ionized capillary discharge plasma as the generation medium. The preionized plasma dramatically reduces ionization-induced defocusing and energy loss of the driving laser due to ionization. This allows for significantly higher photon energies, up to 150 eV, to be(More)
We have demonstrated repetitive operation of a table-top lambda=13.9 nm Ni-like Ag soft-x-ray laser that generates laser pulses with 10 microJ energy. The soft-x-ray laser is enabled by a Ti:sapphire laser pumped by high-repetition-rate frequency-doubled high-energy Nd:glass slab amplifiers. Soft-x-ray laser operation at 2.5 Hz repetition rate resulted in(More)
We have measured the pulse duration of gain-saturated 13.9 nm Ni-like Ag and 13.2 nm Ni-like Cd transient collisional lasers excited by grazing-incidence-pumping for several pumping conditions. High-resolution streak-camera measurements yielded FWHM pulse durations close to 5 ps for both lasers under optimum pumping conditions. The very high brightness and(More)
Three dimensional images were obtained using a single high numerical aperture hologram recorded in a high resolution photoresist with a table top λ = 46.9 nm laser. Gabor holograms were numerically reconstructed over a range of image planes by sweeping the propagation distance in the numerical reconstruction algorithm, allowing numerical optical sectioning.(More)
We report on a pulsewidth measurement of phase-coherent soft x-ray laser pulses generated by injection seeding a solid-target plasma amplifier with high harmonic pulses. A pulse duration of 1.13Ϯ 0.47 ps was measured for a seeded Ne-like Ti plasma amplifier operating at 32.6 nm using an ultrafast streak camera. This is the shortest pulse duration reported(More)