Mark A. Beadles

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In order to enhance the interoperability of roaming and tunneling services, it is desirable to have a standardized method for identifying users. This document proposes syntax for the Network Access Identifier (NAI), the userID submitted by the client during PPP authentication. It is expected that this will be of interest for support of roaming as well as(More)
This document represents a summary of Authentication, Authorization, Accounting (AAA) protocol requirements for network access. In creating this document, inputs were taken from documents produced by the Network Access Server Requirements Next Generation (NASREQ), Roaming Operations (ROAMOPS), and MOBILEIP working groups, as well as from TIA 45.6. Aboba, et(More)
This document describes the terminology and gives a model of typical Network Access Server (NAS). The purpose of this effort is to set the reference space for describing and evaluating NAS service protocols, such as RADIUS (RFCs 2865, 2866) [1], [2] and follow-on efforts like AAA Working Group, and the Diameter protocol [3]. These are protocols for carrying(More)
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