Mark A Barraza

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PURPOSE Functional alterations of the gastrointestinal and genitourinary tracts, and physical limitations in children with spina bifida, imperforate anus and spinal cord injury challenge the ability to have independent fecal and urinary continence. Urologists have successfully helped these patients achieve urinary continence. We report our experience with(More)
Several different mechanisms may account for the concealed appearance of the penis. A particular type of concealed penis is the retractile penis, due to dysgenetic fibrous bands tethering the penis to the prepubic subcutaneous tissue. The retractile nature of the concealment can be confirmed by flexion of the hips. A simple technique for surgical correction(More)
PURPOSE We evaluated our 10-year experience with the surgical treatment of vesicoureteral reflux in uncomplicated duplicated collecting systems. MATERIALS AND METHODS Between 1984 and 1994, 54 refluxing renal units (8 bilateral) in 37 female and 9 male patients required surgery. Patient age ranged from 7 months to 17 years (average 4.9 at surgery).(More)
The treatment of vaginal agenesis is varied. The combination of creating a vaginal cavity with local skin flaps, then progressively dilating to a functional size has been successful in the past. We describe a technique using tubularized labia minora vascularized flaps to create a deep vaginal pouch that is widened and elongated with lucite dilators. The new(More)
PURPOSE We report our experience with the management of pediatric urolithiasis during a 10-year period. Our aim was to assess the impact of new technology in the treatment of pediatric urolithiasis. MATERIALS AND METHODS We retrospectively reviewed the records of all patients up to age 18 years in whom urolithiasis was treated from 1984 to 1994. In 37(More)
Single stage repair of moderately severe degrees of hypospadias with correction of chordee and reconstruction of the neourethra presents a difficult challenge for the surgeon. Traditionally, a 2-stage approach to correct these defects has been used. However, more recently a 1-stage repair with correction of chordee and creation of a neourethra has increased(More)
Fecal incontinence from any cause is a socially unacceptable condition and a major detriment to educational and psychosocial development in young people with certain disabilities. Recently several procedures have been described that allow antegrade colonic enemas in the treatment of this problem. We report here an additional method of establishing this(More)
Several vascularized island flap procedures have been described for the repair of severe hypospadias with chordee. The modified ASOPA (Hodgson XX) procedure, a variant of transverse island flap, employs an inner preputial skin tube for the neourethra while providing simultaneous skin coverage. Since 1988, more than 240 hypospadias repairs have been(More)
Bladder injury in children is an unusual event that usually is associated with trauma or a surgical mishap. We describe-2 premature male neonates who were treated by minimal stimulation therapy and systemic paralyzation. Despite normal urological anatomy, each patient had a bladder rupture that we attributed to atony of the bladder coupled with the Credé(More)