Mark A. Alspaugh

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Sera from approximately two-thirds of patients with rheumatoid arthritis contain an antibody which is reactive with a nuclear antigen present in human B-lymphocyte tissue culture cells. The immunological reaction can be demonstrated by precipitation and immunofluorescence. Evidence is present that the reactive nuclear antigen is associated with Epstein-Barr(More)
Bulk material transportation requirements have continued to press the belt conveyor industry to carry higher tonnages over longer distances and more diverse routes. In order keep up, significant technology advances have been required in the field of system design, analysis and numerical simulation. The application of traditional components in(More)
As belt conveyors get longer and conveyor systems get more complex, it is important for conveyor engineers to understand and utilize advanced design principals required to insure a robust, reliable and cost effective material handling system. Most of these advanced considerations are not covered by traditional conveyor design methods such as CEMA (Conveyor(More)
A strain of miniature Sinclair swine that have cutaneous malignant melanomas destroy their tumors via an immunologic process. Destruction of apparently normal melanocytes of the uveal tract occurs concurrently with tumor cell lysis. The authors investigated possible involvement of humoral antibodies in uveal melanocyte lysis. Uveal antigens solubilized by a(More)
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