Mark 0. Gessner

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The acetate-to-ergosterol technique was used to estimate fungal productivity of three species of aquatic hyphomycetes growing in decomposing ash leaves in stream microcosms. Following a lag of 20-88 min, incorporation of acetate into ergosterol was linear for at least 10 h. Substrate saturation was reached in the mM range, and there was no indication of(More)
Positive relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning has been observed in many studies, but how this relationship is affected by environmental stress is largely unknown. To explore this influence, we measured the biomass of microalgae grown in microcosms along two stress gradients, heat and salinity, and compared our results with 13(More)
The detailed characterization of non-trivial coherence properties of composite quantum systems of increasing size is an indispensable prerequisite for scalable quantum computation, as well as for understanding non-equilibrium many-body physics. Here, we show how autocorrelation functions in an interacting system of phonons as well as the quantum discord(More)
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