Markéta Fialová

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y ´ s ˘ c ˘ r ˘ s ˘ he organization of transcriptionally active ribosomal genes in animal cell nucleoli is investigated in this study in order to address the long-standing controversy with regard to the intranucleolar localization of these genes. Detailed analyses of HeLa cell nucleoli include direct localization of ribosomal genes by in situ hybridization(More)
Secondary structures of the G-rich strand of human telomere DNA fragments G3(TTAG3)n, n = 1-16, have been studied by means of circular dichroism spectroscopy and PAGE, in solutions of physiological potassium cation concentrations. It has been found that folding of these fragments into tetraplexes as well as tetraplex thermostabilities and enthalpy values(More)
The use of methamphetamine (MA) among pregnant women is an increasing world-wide health problem. Prenatal MA exposure may cause changes in foetus but the exact effects have remained unclear. The aim of this study is to present the effect of prenatal MA exposure on recognition memory in adult rats. Adult female Wistar rats were injected daily with(More)
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