Marju Dahmoun

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Apoptosis with one regulator, Bcl-2, and proliferation with the marker Ki-67 were studied in 75 endometrial biopsies representing superficial parts of endometrium from 35 regularly menstruating women premenstrually and menstrually. Hormonal withdrawal was studied in serum samples and potentiated in epithelium by the decreasing 17beta-estradiol and(More)
OBJECTIVES Endometrial homeostasis, indicated as the balance between apoptosis and proliferation, was studied with regard to endometrial safety and bleeding disturbances. MATERIALS AND METHODS The quantitatively sufficient endometrial biopsies of 92 postmenopausal women enrolled in the study were investigated. The participants were divided into two(More)
OBJECTIVE The effects of progesterone on proliferation and apoptosis are studied in a scrutinized evaluation of endometrial carcinoma before, during, and after progesterone therapy. The heterogeneity of sex steroid expression as well as proliferation, indicated as Ki-67 index, is considered. METHODS A total of 29 endometrial carcinomas were studied with(More)
Apoptosis and proliferation were studied in 29 endometrial adenocarcinomas of the endometrioid type and characterized by the immunohisto-chemical pattern of estrogen receptor (ER) alpha and progesterone receptor (PR) expression. Intratumoral heterogeneous distribution of both ER and PR as well as of the proliferation marker Ki-67 was studied and quantified.(More)
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