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Glutamine Synthetase from Rat Liver
As the initial aspect of investigations on the regulation of glutamine synthetase in rat hepatomas and in hepatoma cell culture systems, glutamine synthetase from rat liver was purified to apparentExpand
Understanding and Addressing Unique Needs of Diabetes in Asian Americans , Native Hawaiians , and Paci fi c Islanders
The Asian American (AA) population is currently the fastest growing population in the U.S., having expanded six times faster than the general population in the 1990s (1). In addition, diabetesExpand
Nitric Oxide Production within Leishmania tarentolae Axenic Promastigotes and Amastigotes is Induced by Carbaporphyrin Ketals
Previous studies indicated that carbaporphyrin ketals (CK) offer great promise in the treatment of Leishmania diseases, especially since they induce the in vitro formation of reactive oxygen speciesExpand
A New Historical Grammar of the East Slavic Languages
A New Historical Grammar of the East Slavic Languages marks a new approach to the study of this subject, in a number of ways. It is compact, does not repeat the history of East Slavic (in this case,Expand
Official Documents- EU Grant Agreement for TF017577