Marjorie S. Greenberg

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Three retrospective studies were conducted to examine functional brain asymmetry in the regulation of emotion. In the first study, reports of 119 cases were collected of pathological laughing and crying associated with destructive lesions. Pathological laughing was associated with predominantly right-sided damage, whereas pathological crying was associated(More)
To investigate the biological and functional significance of cerebral asymmetries, we measured lateral differences of the frontal and occipital poles on computed tomographic scans of 66 adult outpatients with no diagnosed abnormalities. In addition to confirming the greater average sizes of the right frontal and left occipital poles, we found a significant(More)
The health care delivery system aims to improve the functioning of Americans, but little information exists to judge progress toward meeting this goal. Administrative data generated through running and overseeing health care delivery offer considerable information about diagnoses and procedures in coded formats comparable across settings of care. This(More)
The construct validity of the TMJ Scale was examined in a sample of chronic post-traumatic headache patients. Clinical indicators of temporomandibular (TM) dysfunction and measures of psychosocial distress were compared with relevant scales of the TMJ Scale. The clinical indicators were first subjected to principal components analysis. The resulting factor(More)
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