Marjorie Russo

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We present the design and the test performed on ADeLinel, a Full-Custom Analog Memory for sparse data sampling. It has been designed as an array of switched capacitors. It is only one channel of 8 cells. The control part of the ADeLine chip is custom designed for the size reduction, high speed performance and low power dissipation. The memory has been(More)
This work presents the design, manufacturing and packaging of a novel K-band 5-bit MEMS phase shifter for applications in Satellite COTM (Communication On The Move) Terminals. The first 4 bits are realized by using a switched line topology whereas the less significant bit consists of a loaded line section. The device has been manufactured in microstrip(More)
This work presents the design, manufacturing and testing of three 5-bit K-band MEMS phase shifters based on similar architectures (combination of switched line and loaded line) but employing different MEMS switch typologies (cantilevers & air-bridges) and RF junctions (SP2T & SP4T). All devices have been monolithically manufactured on 200(More)
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