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A comparison of the sensitivities of biotinylated and 32P-labelled human papillomavirus type 6b DNA probes was made. Slot blot hybridization results showed that the sensitivity of biotinylated probes was consistent with that of 32P-labelled, that is, 0.1 pg of pBR 322 plasmid containing 8 kbp HPV cDNA. In situ hybridization using 35S-labelled probes was(More)
The Dover sole was the species most often affected with eroded fins. Prevalence of the disease was highest on the Palos Verdes shelf, the site of a major municipal waste water discharge. Fin lesions in this species were characterized by a minimal inflammatory response and by the absence of associated microorganisms. The fins most frequently affected were(More)
A new solid-phase reagent strip for determination of glucose in whole blood, Visidex, has been developed specifically for visual use in conjunction with a calibrated color scale. Two reagent pads are used, each formulated for a different portion of the range of clinical values, to maximize the visual resolution available to the user. Colorimetric(More)