Marjorie G. Fitzgerald

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Antibody avidity of human anti-rubella antibodies has been determined using the chaotropic thiocyanate ion in ELISA assays. Independence of antibody level and affinity was shown and the pattern of post-vaccination antibody affinity established. A variation of the standard ELISA assay was developed where replicate wells containing antibody bound to antigens(More)
Sera from 123 patients with diabetes mellitus of recent onset, 155 patients with diabetes of more than two years' duration, and 250 normal persons were collected over a period of two and a half years. All sera were tested for neutralizing antibody to Coxsackie virus types B1-6, and a sample was tested for complement-fixing antibody to a number of viral,(More)
The hospital mortality of acute myocardial infarction amongst 285 known diabetics treated in the last decade was 39.7 per cent at one month and had increased to 51 per cent at 12 months. Treatment in a coronary care unit during the acute stage had little effect on the mortality amongst patients on insulin, but was beneficial for patients whose diabetes had(More)
Metabolic and toxicological data were obtained during the first 24 hours following severe and eventually fatal cyanide poisoning. Initial blood cyanide concentrations were 804 mumol/l but fell rapidly over 24 hours following cobalt edetate therapy to 15 mumol/l. However, plasma thiocyanate concentrations rose over 24 hours (147-267 mumol/l) suggesting(More)
Lactic acidosis is occasionally responsible for metabolic acidosis in diabetics. It may occur in the presence of normal blood levels of the ketone bodies, and such cases are often described as having "non-ketotic diabetic acidosis." Lactic acid may contribute to the metabolic acidosis in patients with true diabetic ketoacidosis, but the blood lactate(More)