Marjorie Brennan

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The clinical features and results of 34 patients with chordomas treated over a seven-year period were analyzed. Surgical treatment consisted of wide local excision (n = 6), marginal resection (n = 5), intralesional resection (n = 20), and biopsy (n = 3). Eighteen patients received postoperative radiotherapy. The local recurrence rate was 65%, with 30% of(More)
BACKGROUND Intubation without the use of muscle relaxants in children is frequently done before IV access is secured. In this randomized controlled trial, we compared intubating conditions and airway response to intubation (coughing and/or movement) after sevoflurane induction in children at 2 and 3 min after the administration of intranasal remifentanil (4(More)
Herniated thoracic disc after minor trauma, causing paraparesis in an 11-year-old boy, proved difficult to diagnose. Myelogram and computer tomography of the thoracic spine appeared normal, but magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated a small herniation at T4-T5. Disc material adherent to the dura was found at laminectomy. The child made progressive recovery(More)
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