Marjorie A Rawhouser

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Total Artificial Heart (TAH) development at Penn State University and 3M Health Care has progressed from design improvements and manufacturing documentation to in vitro and in vivo testing to characterize the system's hemodynamic response and energetic performance. The TAH system is completely implantable and intended for use as an alternative to(More)
In vitro durability testing was conducted on the Penn State/3M electric total artificial heart (ETAH) to determine device durability and to evaluate device failures. A specialized mock circulatory loop was developed for this testing. Customized software continuously acquired data during the test period, and failures were analyzed using FMEA (failure modes(More)
In vivo characterization studies were performed to compare the dynamic in vivo performance of the Penn State/3M Health Care electric total artificial heart to existing in vitro data. Fully implanted systems were utilized including the artificial heart, controller, backup batteries, compliance chamber, and transcutaneous energy transmission. Catheters were(More)
BACKGROUND Two modifications of the surgical implantation protocol for the Penn State Total Artificial Heart (ETAH) were evaluated: Phrenic nerve ischemia was prevented by minimizing dissection and traction; and hemostasis was augmented and ETAH cuff anastomoses reinforced by using fibrin glue. METHODS Thirteen Holstein calves underwent orthotopic(More)
In long-term studies testing the Penn State Total Artificial Heart involving 30 calves, seven calves died of pulmonary complications within 2 weeks after receiving the implant (Group 1 [G1]) and seven calves survived from 2 weeks to 3 months without infection (Group 2 [G2]). Comparative studies were performed using multiple variables: cardiopulmonary bypass(More)
The total artificial heart under development by the Pennsylvania State University and 3M Health Care has undergone a number of design improvements to improve reliability, manufacturability, implantability, and performance. These improvements are nearing completion in preparation for formal durability testing. The redesigned implanted electronics canister,(More)
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