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OBJECTIVE To explore knowledge and beliefs (perceived risk factors, susceptibility, benefits, common barriers, and cultural barriers) in relation to mammography screening practices among Chinese American women. DESIGN A descriptive study guided by the Health Belief Model. SETTING Metropolitan area in the northwestern United States. PARTICIPANTS One(More)
Disparities in breast cancer outcomes persist among Asian American women. Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among Chinese American women. This article describes the psychometric evaluation of an instrument measuring knowledge and beliefs related to breast cancer and screening among Chinese American women aged 40 or older. A sample of 100(More)
Descriptive information was obtained about homeless families in the Intermountain West and their children's health care needs were defined to help professionals develop programs tailored to meet the unique needs of this population. We collected data during the well-child visits of 306 children in 161 families living at the Travelers Aid Society family(More)
BACKGROUND Assessment of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy signs and symptoms has been hampered because of the lack of simple, reliable, and valid measures. OBJECTIVE The study objective was to examine the internal consistency and interrater reliability as well as the structural validity of a 5-component total neuropathy score-reduced (TNSr)(More)
A health promotion program consisting of an annual health screening and financial rebates for good health practices was offered to all 2540 employees of Salt Lake County in Utah. Changes in health risks were measured for the 304 full time employees who participated in assessments for four years. Significant improvements were seen in body fat, cholesterol,(More)
PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES To examine beliefs and Pap test utilization among Chinese American women, the largest Asian female population in the United States. RESEARCH APPROACH Cross-sectional descriptive, correlational study. SETTING Metropolitan areas of Portland, OR. PARTICIPANTS 100 foreign-born Chinese women aged 40 years and older. METHODOLOGIC(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the reliability and validity and to decrease the battery of items in the Pain Care Quality (PainCQ(©) ) Surveys. DATA SOURCES/STUDY SETTING Patient-reported data were collected prospectively from 337 hospitalized adult patients with pain on medical/surgical oncology units in four hospitals in three states. STUDY DESIGN This(More)
A multifaceted study was conducted to identify differences in biopsychosocial characteristics between a clinical group of 59 married women who complained of inhibited sexual desire (ISD) and 31 married women who expressed normal sexual desire (non-ISD). Areas of examination included personality, endocrine, relationship, and sexual dimensions. Instruments of(More)
OBJECTIVE Depression among methamphetamine users is more prevalent in females than males, but gender-specific treatment options for this comorbidity have not been described. Reduced brain phosphocreatine levels have been shown to be lower in female methamphetamine users compared to males, and, of relevance, studies have demonstrated an association between(More)
Although the bag of the home care nurse is functional and historical, there is limited information in the literature about its use and nurses' preferences. This study analyzes how the bag is used, and examines comfort issues and preferences nurses have for this valuable tool. Implications for design and features are gained from this research as well as(More)