Marjolaine Allain

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OBJECTIVE Electrical high-frequency stimulation (HFS) of deep brain structures has been successfully used as a treatment for patients with movement disorders. The mechanisms of HFS allowing therapeutic clinical effects remain unclear, which justifies experimental studies to address these questions. These experiments require an external stimulator, which may(More)
During its first year in orbit the INTEGRAL observatory performed deep exposures of the Galac-tic Center region and scanning observations of the Galactic plane. We report on the status of our analysis of the positron annihilation radiation from the 4 th Galactic quadrant with the spectrometer SPI, focus-ing on the sky distribution of the 511 keV line(More)
Progresses in the design of well-defined electronic band structure and dedicated functionalities rely on the high control of complex architectural device nano-scaled structures. This includes the challenging accurate description of strain fields in crystalline structures, which requires non invasive and three-dimensional (3D) imaging methods. Here, we(More)
The status of the analysis of the electron/positron annihilation radiation performed by INTE-GRAL/SPI in the 4th GALACTIC QUADRANT is reported. We use data from the first two Galactic Center Deep Exposures (GCDE) and from the Galactic Plane Scans (GPS). The analysis presented here is focused on the spectroscopic aspects of the electron/positron annihilation(More)
We report the first measurements of the 511 keV line emission from the Galactic Centre (GC) region performed with the spectrometer SPI on the space observatory INTEGRAL (International Gamma-Ray Astrophysics Laboratory). Taking into account the range of spatial distribution models which are consistent with the data, we derive a flux of 9.9
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