Marjo J R Brinkman

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OBJECTIVE The relative change in amplitude of the P50 component in response to the second click compared to the first one is commonly thought to index sensory gating. Despite numerous P50 gating studies, reports about its development are scarce. The present study examined the development and gender differences of P50 sensory gating. METHODS A standard P50(More)
Adults with Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) and normal controls participated in a cognitive psychophysiology study in which event-related brain activity was recorded in a visual and auditory oddball task. In both tasks, participants were instructed to press a hand key to a target stimulus. All participants had successful task performance but persons with PWS(More)
In a passive auditory oddball study the development of novelty processing was examined in 5-7 (N=26), 8-9 (N=31), 10-12 (N=30), and 18-29 (N=35) years olds. Even though the main goal of this study was to replicate the findings of an earlier one, a shorter and simplified paradigm was used in order to gather developmental reference data for non-responsive(More)
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