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Emergency pelvic imaging is currently based on transabdominal and transvaginal sonography. Life threatening emergencies such as ectopic pregnancy and annexial torsion can be diagnosed by these technics. Doppler imaging (pulsed Doppler and color encoded) improve the diagnostic efficacy in an emergency context. Evaluation of pelvic inflammatory disease, cyst(More)
Radiologic evaluation of abdominal trauma must provide a quick and accurate assessment of the lesions in order to improve the management of the patient. The technique used varies depending on the mechanism of the trauma (blunt trauma or stab wounds) and the hemodynamic status. Radiologic evaluation is usually performed in blunt trauma whereas stab wound(More)
Mondini's malformation is a rare internal ear malformation. It's often discovered in childhood in the course of perception deafness check up, or repetitive meningitis in some other cases. The authors report a case of complex Mondini's malformation with fistulas of cerebro-spinal-fluid in oval and round windows, and stress the interest of high resolution(More)
The authors report a case of a thoraco-abdominal duplication of the foregut, observed in a 10-year old boy. Thoraco-abdominal duplication is an expression of notochordodysraphia, as it is frequently associated with vertebral malformations. Barium meal, ultrasonography and CT-Scan should provide a preoperative diagnosis. One-stage total excision in a single(More)
Septic thrombosis of the cavernous sinuses most commonly follows staphylococcal infections of the middle third of the face. Orbital symptoms are constant. We report six cases diagnosed only by CT. At present, MR imaging is the diagnostic procedure of choice. Its findings are thought to reflect the septic nature of the thrombosis.
The radiologic imaging of esophageal cysts in adults is described. These rare cysts are often an incidental finding. They can lead to severe airway or digestive obstruction. Rare cases of rupture and haemorrhage are described. The authors report a case of cervical esophageal duplication, investigated by pharyngography, sonography, CT and MRI. A cystic mass(More)
Acute abdominal disorders are common reasons for consultation at the emergency department. The diagnosis of all acute abdominal disorders begins with a careful history and physical examination. When appropriate, the clinical examination should be supplemented by conventional plain abdominal radiography. Gastrointestinal perforation and obstruction are very(More)