Marjaneh M. Fooladi

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Nursing, a scientific and practical discipline, faces continuing challenges of finding new direction in order to decipher its core values and develop current ethical codes for nursing practice. In 2009-10, 28 nurses were purposely selected and interviewed using a semi-structured format in focus groups and individually. Thematic Content Analysis helped(More)
Through qualitative ethnographic methods, the researcher gendered nursing education and practice among human nursing students and faculty. Interaction with nursing students and faculty occurred in a familiar turf using the native language in interviews and on field observations. Settings included classrooms, skills laboratory, faculty offices, clinical(More)
The stereotypical public image of nursing is a major concern for male nurses around the world. In this study, we explored how Iranian male nurses perceived the public view of nurses, and their perceptions of themselves. A qualitative descriptive design and content analysis were used to obtain data from 18 purposely-selected male hospital nurses with a(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was three fold: (1) increase the understanding of gender sensitivity in nursing education and practice; (2) explore male and female nursing student and faculty perceptions on effective classroom and clinical teaching; and (3) clarify the necessity of both bedside teaching and role modeling in a Pakistani nursing program. (More)
Significant sociopolitical changes in recent decades have not only influenced the nursing profession, but also the entire Iranian healthcare system. This study describes the historical evolution of the nursing profession within a sociopolitical context. This historical review of unpublished and published literature endorsed personal accounts of historic(More)
  • M M Fooladi
  • 2001
PURPOSE To determine differences in breastfeeding perspectives between two generations of black American women with and without access to governmental food assistance programs (i.e., WIC). DATA SOURCES Descriptive, comparative study of a convenience sample of 118 black American women in their childbearing years and beyond conducted in a primary rural(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE Menarche is a significant physical and emotional experience for adolescent girls, especially in certain cultures, where it is viewed as a rite of passage, affecting the meaning of lived experiences. The purpose of the study was to explore the menarche experience among Jordanian adolescent girls when they reach menarche. DESIGN Interpretive(More)
A qualitative study of 9 American women explored personal experiences with postpartum blues in relation to crying, breastfeeding, lactation suppression, and prior pregnancy loss. A greater understanding of postpartum rituals and cultural aspects benefits the nursing profession in order to better educate women in childbearing years.
328 With access to multimedia through social networks at global level, one wonders why some of the preventive healthcare services such as children and adult immunizations, annual screening for men and women, prenatal and dental care for childbearing women and adolescents are not provided at a 100% rate. Community awareness is a crucial aspect of(More)