Marjaneh Hejazi

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An optoacoustic detection method suitable for depth profiling of optical absorption of layered or continuously varying tissue structures is presented. Detection of thermoelastically induced pressure transients allows reconstruction of optical properties of the sample to a depth of several millimeters with a spatial resolution of 24 mum. Acoustic detection(More)
OBJECTIVE We simulated the heat distribution and thermal damage patterns of diode hair-removal lasers for different spot sizes, pulse durations, and fluences as a guide for optimization. BACKGROUND Recently, the concept of thermal damage time as a reference for pulse duration has become a subject of debate. METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND Non-invasive planar fluorescence reflectance imaging (FRI) is used for accessing physiological and molecular processes in biological tissue. This method is efficiently used to detect superficial fluorescent inclusions. FRI is based on recording the spatial radiance distribution (SRD) at the surface of a sample. SRD provides information for(More)
BACKGROUND Laser ultrasound detection systems are used for noninvasive imaging of internal structures and function of soft tissues. The detection systems with a high sensitivity can be used for detecting small tumors located deeply in human tissues, such as the breast. In this study, the sensitivity of existing ultrasonic detection systems has been compared(More)
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