Marjane Delgado

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The linguistic approach based on fuzzy sets has given very good results in the modeling of qualitative information, from what has been applied to solve several real-world problems in medicine, information retrieval, education, etc. In this paper, some practical considerations about the choice and semantic of the linguistic term set of such an approach, as(More)
Models of linear programming problems with fuzzy constraints are very well known in the current literature. In almost all cases, to solve these problems, linear membership functions are used because they have very good properties and are very easy to manipulate. In some cases, however, because of the knowledge that the decision maker has, such membership(More)
Information and communications technology combined with the use of open-standards can be a very powerful tool to improve enterprise competitiveness. Organizations have been searching for flexible integrated environments to better manage their services and product life cycle, where their software applications could be easily integrated independently of the(More)
AbstTactFuzzy clustering is now extensively used for identification of (fuzzy) systems. Starting from a set of examples (input-output pairs) of a certain system, fuzzy clustering permits to disclose fuzzy rules driven the given system and also to make direct inference from new observations of the input. Our proposal in this paper attempts to present an(More)
This paper presents a statistical approach for rule-base generation of handwriting recognition. The proposed method integrates the heuristic feature selection with the statistical evaluation and thus improves the performance of the rule generation as well as of the fuzzy handwriting recognition system. Fuzzy statistical measures are employed to identify(More)
A summary on the symbolic basic arithmetic operators and aggregation operators of linguistic information developed by the authors is presented. In particular, label addition, label diierence, product of a label by a positive real number, and convex combination of labels are shown as the symbolic basic arithmetic operators, and two aggregation operators of(More)
Nowadays, the aspect-oriented programming is increasingly taking more importance and many companies are opting to use in software development by all the benefits it offers. However in most cases this is used only in the construction phase without being considered in the previous stages to it, making difficult to have an appropriate documentation with(More)
In this paper, a proposal for managing linguistic information in a distributed intelligent agent model for information gathering on the Inter-net is studied. The Linguistic Weighted Aver-ating Operator to aggregate linguistic weighted information is described, and its use in the information gathering and communication proccess among agents in a distributed(More)
People give information about their personal preferences in many diierent ways, depending on their background. This paper deals with group decision making problems in which the solution depends on information of a diierent nature, i.e., assuming that the experts express their preferences with numerical or linguistic values. The aim of this paper is to(More)
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