Marjan Timmer

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Stress can affect the establishment and maintenance of social hierarchies. In the present study, we investigated the role of increasing corticosterone levels before or just after a first social encounter between two rats of a dyad in the establishment and the long-term maintenance of a social hierarchy. We show that pre-social encounter corticosterone(More)
Exposure to stress can affect the establishment of dominance hierarchies. In our model, a social hierarchy established by two male rats during a first encounter is not maintained 1 week later. If one of the two rats is stressed, the stressed rat becomes subordinate and the hierarchy that is formed is maintained. In this study, we investigated the changes in(More)
It is suggested that the hippocampus functions as a comparator by making a comparison between the internal representation and actual sensory information from the environment (for instance, comparing a previously learned location of a food reward with an actual novel location of a food reward in a Y-maze). However, it remains unclear to what extent the(More)
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