Marjan Mohammadjafari

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This study uses citation analysis from two citation tracking databases, Google Scholar (GS) and ISI Web of Science, in order to test the correlation between them and examine the effect of the number of paper versions on citations. The data were retrieved from the Essential Science Indicators and Google Scholar for 101 highly cited papers from Malaysia in(More)
This paper discusses plagiarism origins, and the ethical solutions to prevent it. It also reviews some unethical approaches, which may be used to decrease the plagiarism rate in academic writings. We propose eight ethical techniques to avoid unconscious and accidental plagiarism in manuscripts without using online systems such as Turnitin and/or iThenticate(More)
The increase in interconnection of distributed generators (DGs) to distribution network will greatly affect the configuration and operation mode of the power system, especially with respect to the protection scheme. However, when DG units are connected to a distribution network, the system is no longer radial, which causes a loss of coordination among(More)
literature proves the importance of the process role in the effectiveness of virtual research and development (R&D) teams for new product development (NPD). However, the factors that make process construct in a virtual R&D team are still unclear. The manager of virtual R&D teams for NPD does not know which items of process should be used. To address the gap(More)
Efficient project execution is an objective in many industries, and existing project management research gives direction about how project team factors influence two important capital project outcomes: time and cost. In addition, use of electronic collaboration (E-collaboration) technologies is essential for supporting projects. Combining a literature(More)
The research in this paper seeks ways for manufacturing companies to accomplish projects in real time with less cost. This paper describes a new model using critical success factors of implementing projects in small-and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The factors in the conceptual model were identified in past studies and are validated from interviews with(More)
Being excessive time for new product development is one of the problems in most of the industries. Usually the time for production is longer than the first estimation. Then the companies lose their customers. Therefore, they can't be competitive in the global market; also the cost for production will be increased. Specially small and medium size enterprises(More)
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