Marjan Kuchaki Rafsanjani

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In this paper, we introduce the notion of fuzzy n-folds (P, implicative and fantastic) ideals in BCH-algebras which is a natural generalization of notion of n-folds (P, implicative and fantastic) ideals in BCH-algebras and we stated and proved some theorems which determines the relationship between these notions. Finally we give some computational(More)
In designing the Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), the main issue is limited resource for each sensor. Hence, offering ways to optimize energy consumption in WSNs which eventually increases the network lifetime is strongly felt. In this paper, a Gravitational Search Algorithm (GSA) is proposed for finding nearly optimal Base Station (BS) location in(More)
Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is constructed from a collection of nodes that can move anywhere and anytime in different areas without any infrastructure. Each node works at the same time as router and host. Lack of a fixed infrastructure, wireless medium and dynamic topology makes MANET vulnerable to different kinds of attacks. In this paper, we investigate(More)