Marjan Joudi

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OBJECTIVE To determine the incidence of meatal stenosis after neonatal circumcision. PATIENTS AND METHODS Male children (5-10 years old) who had been circumcised during the neonatal period and presented at our pediatric clinic for reasons other than urinary complaints were examined and interviewed regarding urination problems. RESULTS Of the 132 cases,(More)
BACKGROUND Cognitive disorder is a fluctuating cognitive destruction and a common problem for hospitalized patients, which leads to loss of consciousness. It is usually accompanied with increased mortality, prolonged hospital stay, and decreased rehabilitation. OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to determine risk factors associated with cognitive(More)
BACKGROUND The relation between elevated blood lactate level and mortality and morbidity rates after coronary bypass surgery is a proven subject. One of the factors that seems to affect directly the blood lactate level is the storage duration of packed red blood cells. OBJECTIVES This study aimed to evaluate the effect of storage duration of transfused(More)
Basidiobolomycosis is a rare fungal disease caused by Basidiobolus ranarum, which is endemic in tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Gastrointestinal basidiobolomycosis poses diagnostic difficulties due to the non-specific clinical presentation and absence of predisposing factors. Eight pediatric cases of the disease have(More)
BACKGROUND Congenital chyloperitoneum is an uncommon clinical condition. A few cases of congenital chyloperitoneum in children have been described who were treated in a variety of methods. CASE PRESENTATION Congenital chyloperito was diagnosed in a 5-day-old baby boy with a significant abdominal distension. Due to the failed conservative managements by(More)
INTRODUCTION The endoscopic fibrin glue or platelet-rich fibrin glue (PRFG) injection is an easy, safe and effective technique for the fistula. So far, the use of fibrin glue has been limited to selected cases. CASE REPORT Our case is a three years old male child with a neck trauma resulting in a Esophago-Cutaneous fistula after a 3 month period of follow(More)
Little attention has been paid to the effectiveness of hypnosis in improving the results of surgery in Iran. One hundred and twenty patients scheduled for laparoscopic cholecystectomy were randomly divided into either control (standard care) or experimental (hypnosis) groups. Prior to surgery and again after surgery, abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting(More)
BACKGROUND Hypotension during spinal anesthesia is common and can lead to severe injuries and even death. Administration of crystalloid fluids is advised to prevent occurrence of hypotension; however its effectiveness is still the matter of arguments. OBJECTIVES This study was designed to compare the effects of Ringer`s lactate and hydroxyethyl starch 6%(More)
INTRODUCTION Central venous catheter placement is a routine procedure for the management of critically ill patients; however, it is important to ensure its proper placement. A central venous catheter malposition may cause various complications, some of which can be fatal. CASE PRESENTATION We report an unexpected malposition of a catheter in the left(More)
OBJECTIVE The goal of this study was to evaluate preoperative anxiety and its predisposing factors in a group of adult patients who were candidate for any kind of heart surgery. METHODS We evaluated preoperative anxiety in 300 patients undergoing heart surgery whose ages ranged between 18-65 years. Relationship of probable demographic factors like gender,(More)