Marjan Golob

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In this paper, several types of decomposed proportional–integral–derivative fuzzy logic controllers (PID FLCs) are tested and compared. An important feature of decomposed PID FLCs are their simple structures. In its simplest version, the decomposed PID FLC uses three one-input one-output inferences with three separate rule bases. Behaviours of proportional,(More)
A fuzzy logic based controller applied to a simple magnetic suspension is presented in this paper. The simple electromagnet-ball system and the contactless optical position measurement system are developed as a physical model of the magnetic suspension. A nonlinear mathematical model is presented and linearized. This model has been used to design a discrete(More)
Nowadays the Internet is playing a very important role in different domains. During the previous years a lot of research has been done for trying to develop applications, which make it possible to supervise and control industrial processes using the World Wide Web. Although different experiments have proven that this technology has a great impact in the(More)
A concept called the decomposition of multivariable control rules is presented. Fuzzy control is the application of the compositional rule of inference and it is shown how the inference of the rule base with complex rules can be reduced to the inference of a number of rule bases with simple rules. A fuzzy logic based controller is applied to a simple(More)