Marjan Bozinovski

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The session initiation protocol (SIP) is the main signaling protocol in the 3GPP IP multimedia subsystem (IMS). The SIP sessions in IMS have to be highly reliable. The developed fault-tolerant SIP call control concept includes state-sharing mechanism, failure-detection and fail-over management. The state-sharing mechanism representing the core entity in the(More)
There has been a rapid growth of services based on session control. Session-based services comprise multimedia conferences, Internet telephone calls, instant messaging, and similar applications consisting of one or more media types such as audio and video. Deployment examples include session control services as part of the IP multimedia subsystem (IMS), in(More)
This paper proposes a QoS-based strategy for call admission in mobile cellular networks, based on the past system’s behavior. The algorithm is an extension of conventional guard scheme (CGC) and demonstrates improvements compared to CGC. It reduces the new call blocking probability, increases the total carried traffic and keeps the forced call termination(More)
This paper presents a novel history-based policy for call admission control (CAC) in mobile cellular networks, which is based on statistics of the past system S behavior. This algorithm can be used as an extension of conventional guard channel (CGC) scheme or it can pe$onn independently of CGC. It shows improvements compared to CGC by reducing the new call(More)
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