Marjaana Träskbäck

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Introducing mixed reality (MR) into safety-critical environment like oil refinery is difficult, since the environment and organization lays demanding restrictions for the application. In order to develop usable and safe MR application, we need to study the context of use and derive user requirements from it. This paper describes the user requirements for an(More)
Mixed reality (MR) applications are gaining wider interest in the industry and in the use of mixed reality is spreading into various application fields. Currently the obstacle for MR to become widely used is that MR application authoring consumes a lot of time and resources and current MR authoring environments are designed and restricted for dedicated(More)
Mixed Reality (MR) is an enabling technology for a much more interactive and intuitive experience of museum exhibits, that allows museum visitors to interact with pieces of art, without using complex virtual interaction metaphors. But MR applications for the museum domain must cope with a complex area of conflicts, which covers user acceptance, usability,(More)
of licentiate thesis The aim of this thesis is to study user requirements and usability of mixed reality applications. The thesis consists of user studies, usability evaluations, literature review, and framework development. The initial mixed reality application's usability framework is based on a literature review and it is further developed according to(More)
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