Marja H. Bakermans

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Shade coffee plantations support high numbers of Neotropical migratory birds, but relatively little is known about the structural and floristic attributes used by individual species. From 2005 to 2007, we studied the relationship between habitat characteristics and Neotropical migratory birds in shade coffee plantations in the Venezuelan Andes. Our results(More)
Forest cover in the eastern United States has increased over the past century and while some late-successional species have benefited from this process as expected, others have experienced population declines. These declines may be in part related to contemporary reductions in small-scale forest interior disturbances such as fire, windthrow, and treefalls.(More)
Avian plumage represents some of the greatest diversity in integument coloration of all animals. Plumage signals are diverse in function, including those that allow for assessing potential mates or the mitigation of agonistic interactions between rivals. Many bird species possess multiple ornamental traits that have the potential to serve as multiple or(More)
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