Mariza Paver Da Silva Cerávolo

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The potential for injury to the nerves of the face is ever-present in rhytidectomy. Only a thorough knowledge of the anatomy, of the face, adequate surgical experience, and strict adherence to basic operating principles can avoid problems. The temporalis, paraorbitalis, genian, mandibular, and cervicoauricularis areas each offer hazards, which are detailed(More)
The authors report on the possibility of carrying out combined procedures for aesthetic surgery. They pinpoint the conditions necessary for the success of these techniques: surgeon, surgical team, anesthesiologist, and patient should fulfill some requirements that are indispensable. Preoperative and postoperative technical details are presented together(More)
The authors report some preliminary results with 150 patients who had a retropectoral augmentation mammoplasty using double-lumen prostheses with intraluminal steroids. Two control groups were also studied: one (35 patients) with steroids placed in only one prostheses and the other (25 patients) with steroid-free prostheses. The use of double-lumen(More)
[Purpose] This study evaluated the acute cardiovascular responses during a session of Zumba(®) Fitness in a virtual reality environment. [Subjects] Eighteen healthy volunteers were recruited. [Methods] The following cardiovascular variables: heart rate, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and double product were assessed before and after the(More)
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