Mariyam Shahina

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A Gram-stain negative, strictly aerobic, zeaxanthin-producing, rod-shaped, non-spore-forming bacterial strain which is motile by gliding, designated CC-AMWZ-3T, was isolated from surface seawater off(More)
A Gram-staining-negative, strictly aerobic, yellowish-orange, flexirubin-positive, rod-shaped, non-flagellated, non-spore-forming and non-gliding marine bacterium, designated strain CC-PY-50(T), was(More)
A Gram-stain-negative, strictly aerobic, rod-shaped, non-flagellated, non-spore-forming and gliding marine bacterium, designated strain CC-AMZ-304(T), was isolated from coastal surface seawater near(More)
A taxonomic study was carried out on a novel aerobic bacterial strain (designated CC-LY736T) isolated from a fermentor in Taiwan. Cells of strain CC-LY736T were Gram-stain negative, spiral-shaped and(More)