Mariya Yordanova

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Numerous studies have reported that monoclonal antibody (mAb) FMC7 detects an antigen present on only a subset of circulating B lymphocytes. In particular, this mAb may distinguish typical B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia (FMC7 negative) from other types of B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma (B-NHL; FMC7 positive). We treated patients with B-NHL with Rituxan, a(More)
w ED1 + lmacmphages, monocytes and dendritic cellsl and ED2+ cells ImacrophaQoa ordvl agpear to have a role in comeal rejection followinp pen&ti~ kerato&~~ in the rat. In the fdlowinp presentation the distribution of ED1 and ED2 wsitive cdls in normal weal tissues of Lewis rats, the influence of comeal transpiantation and the efIeci of Cwlnspuin A lCsAl(More)
Bioencapsulation of microbial cells in silica-based matrices has proved to be a good strategy to enhance the biosynthetic capabilities and viability of bioproducers. In the present study, mycelium and pellet cultures of strain Aspergillus oryzae PP were successfully immobilized in solÀgel hybrid matrices composed of tetraethylorthosilicate as an inorganic(More)
In order for the beneficial effects of sourdough application in breadmaking to take place a proper selection of lactic acid bacteria species and strains, an appropriate technology and effective control of the purity and activity of the selected cultures. Four symbiotic starters for sourdough for the production of bread were developed and probated in a(More)
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