Mariya Ptashnyk

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Hairy roots are plants genetically transformed by Agrobacterium rhizogenes, which do not produce shoots and are composed mainly by roots. Hairy roots of Ophiorrhiza mungos Linn. are currently gaining interest of pharmacologists, since a secondary product of their metabolism, camptothecin, is used in chemotherapy. To optimize the production of valuable(More)
In this paper we derive a model for the diffusion of strongly sorbed solutes in soil taking into account diffusion within both the soil fluid phase and the soil particles. The model takes into account the effect of solutes being bound to soil particle surfaces by a reversible nonlinear reaction. Effective macroscale equations for the solute movement in the(More)
Combining different theoretical approaches, curvature modulated sorting in lipid bilayers fixed on non-planar surfaces is investigated. First, we present a continuous model of lateral membrane dynamics, described by a nonlinear PDE of fourth order. We then prove the existence and uniqueness of solutions of the presented model and simulate membrane dynamics(More)
Water flow in plant tissues takes place in two different physical domains separated by semiper-meable membranes: cell insides and cell walls. The assembly of all cell insides and cell walls are termed symplast and apoplast, respectively. Water transport is pressure driven in both, where osmosis plays an essential role in membrane crossing. In this paper, a(More)
Regulation of zinc uptake in roots of Arabidopsis thaliana has recently been modeled by a system of ordinary differential equations based on the uptake of zinc, expression of a transporter protein and the interaction between an activator and inhibitor. For certain parameter choices the steady state of this model becomes unstable upon variation in the(More)
sn this —rti™le we ™onsider derive — m—™ros™opi™ model for root length density evoE lutionD st—rting from — dis™rete mesh of rootsD using homogeniz—tionF sn the mi™ros™opi™ model e—™h roots grows verti™—lly —™™ording to —n ordin—ry di'erenti—l equ—tionF „he roots growth r—tes depend on the sp—ti—l rep—rtition of nutrient in the soilD whi™h —lso evolves in(More)
The plant hormones brassinosteroid (BR) and gibberellin (GA) have important roles in a wide range of processes involved in plant growth and development. The BR signalling pathway acts by altering the phosphorylation state of its transcription factors brassinazole resistant1 (BZR1) and brassinazole resistant2 (BZR2), whereas the GA signalling pathway acts by(More)