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The psychrotrophic fungus Chrysosporium pannorum A-1 is reported for the first time as a novel biocatalyst for O2-promoted oxidation of α-pinene. GC–MS analysis indicated that the main products of the reaction were compounds of a high commercial value, verbenol (1) and verbenone (2). Exponentially growing cells (days 2–3) were about twice as active as cells(More)
Three different Fusarium culmorum strains having a pathogenic, a deleterious (deleterious rhizosphere microorganism), or a promoting (plant growth promoting fungus) effect on plant growth were studied for their ability to synthesize in vitro the phytohormones indoleacetic acid (IAA), gibberellic acid (GA), and ethylene. All the phytohormones tested were(More)
New glycidyl methacrylate copolymers containing different numbers of epoxy groups were synthesized and used to develop effective procedures for inulinase immobilization. The beneficial characteristics of the carriers included a high degree of crosslinking, stability at ambient temperature, an appropriate surface, and the presence of reactive epoxy groups.(More)
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