Mariusz Pelc

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DySCAS is a dynamically self-configuring middleware for automotive control systems. The addition of autonomic, context-aware dynamic configuration to automotive control systems brings a potential for a wide range of benefits in terms of robustness, flexibility, upgrading etc. However, the automotive systems represent a particularly challenging domain for(More)
We investigate knee-shaped junctions of semiconductor zigzag carbon nanotubes. Two dissimilar octagons appear at such junctions; one of them can reconstruct into a pair of pentagons. The junction with two octagons presents two degenerate localized states at Fermi energy (E(F)). The reconstructed junction has only one state near E(F), indicating that these(More)
We consider autonomic applications to systems for which continuous perfect monitoring of state is not possible. We use Exact-State Observers (ESO) to provide enhanced information about the system state. To achieve optimal configuration of the autonomic controller itself, over a wide range of environmental operating conditions, and across a wide range of(More)