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The goal of the paper is to present a decomposed approach to optimization of inter-domain routing in IP networks. A problem of maximizing the total amount of traffic carried in an inter-domain network is formulated as a linear programme. Using Lagrangean relaxation the problem is decomposed with respect to individual domains. A resolution method based on(More)
We consider the problem of cooperative distributed routing optimization in multi-domain/multi-provider networks. The main object of our investigation are ASON/G-MPLS transport networks, still the results of our investigations could be extended to any multi-domain network where particular domains have limited mutual visibility of intra-domain resources. This(More)
The goal of the paper is to present a distributed scheme to resolving a single path routing problem in multidomain networks. The global problem is formulated as a mixed-integer program (MIP) and approached by means of branch-and-price (B&P). Problems associated with a B&P tree nodes are decomposed using the Dantzig-Wolfe method to a set of domain(More)
In this research, we analyse the impact of various uncertainty models describing clients' behaviour on optimal FTTH network designs. We introduce the models, optimize the network designs taking into account the introduced models, and evaluate those designs against different plausible scenarios of clients' behaviour. The research is intended to show(More)
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