Mariusz Lubomirski

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OBJECTIVE Maternal nutrition has long-term effects on offspring characteristics. Similar effects mediated through fathers have not been tested. METHODS Outbred Swiss male mice were fasted one or six times 1 to 4 wk before mating. Offspring were killed at age intervals of 4 to 10 wk and their sera were analyzed for glucose, corticosterone, and insulin-like(More)
The nucleocapsid (NC) protein from HIV-1 contains two zinc-fingers, both of which are necessary for virus replication. This is the first in-depth study that presents the effects of nucleocapsid zinc-finger substitutions on the kinetics of reverse transcription and integration. Over a 72-h time-course of infection, the quantities of viral DNA (vDNA) observed(More)
The rising prevalence of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) infection in women, especially in resource-limited settings, accentuates the need for accessible, inexpensive, and female-controlled preexposure prophylaxis strategies to prevent mucosal transmission of the virus. While many compounds can inactivate HIV-1 in vitro, evaluation in animal(More)
There is confusion in the literature on the measurement of the drug activity onset time (AOT) for both clinical and non-clinical studies of antidepressant and antimanic drugs. The questions asked are: How often and at which time points should drug effects be measured? At what level of a drug effect should AOT be determined? Is the placebo (control) effect(More)
MOTIVATION DNA microarrays are a well-known and established technology in biological and pharmaceutical research providing a wealth of information essential for understanding biological processes and aiding drug development. Protein microarrays are quickly emerging as a follow-up technology, which will also begin to experience rapid growth as the challenges(More)
INTRODUCTION Preclinical proarrhythmic risk assessment of drug candidates is focused predominantly on arrhythmias arising from repolarization abnormalities. However, drug-induced cardiac conduction slowing is associated with significant risk of life-threatening ventricular arrhythmias, particularly in a setting of cardiac ischemia. Therefore, we optimized(More)
Statistically sound experimental design in pharmacology studies ensures that the known prognostic factors, if any, are equally represented across investigational groups to avoid bias and imbalance which could render the experiment invalid or lead to false conclusions. Complete randomization can be effective to reduce bias in the created groups especially in(More)
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