Mariusz Lichon

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This paper describes work being conducted by OC Robotics and Airbus to develop snake-arm robots to conduct assembly tasks within wing boxes – an area currently inaccessible for automation. The composite, single skin construction of aircraft structures presents new assembly challenges. Currently during box close-out it is necessary for aircraft fitters to(More)
For purely commercial reasons the first users of snake-arm robot technology have not been in the field of surgery or interaction with humans generally, but rather in the field of bomb disposal and remote nuclear activities. However, these applications may indicate how robotic technology could be changed, either in physical implementation or in human(More)
A modified version of the Englyst procedure for determination of dietary fiber and carbohydrate fractions of foods is described. The method is based on hydrolysis of separated fractions and capillary gas chromatographic (GC) analysis of derivatized monomer sugars, UV photometry of uronic acids, gravimetric determination of residue, and analysis of nitrogen(More)
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