Mariusz Kaczmarek

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Color blindness is a serious perception problem. Suffering individuals cannot understand messages, which are carrying by many images, especially those, distributed by WWW. In this paper we are proposing three image processing methods to enhance image recognition and understanding by persons with dichromacy. Color difference image is introduced to represent(More)
In this paper we describe possibility of use the RSSI signal (Radio Signal Strength Indication) from Texas Instruments SensorTag CC2650 for indoor positioning purposes. This idea is not a new but in our opinion it is possible to use SensorTags with Bluetooth LE wireless interface for positioning inside buildings in such applications as people findings in(More)
The aim of this paper is to determine the extent to which infrared (IR) thermal imaging may be used for skin burn depth evaluation. The analysis can be made on the basis of the development of a thermal model of the burned skin. Different methods such as the traditional clinical visual approach and the IR imaging modalities of static IR thermal imaging,(More)
The aim of the study was to investigate the relationship between the static thermography figure of merit DeltaT (the difference in mean values of skin area temperature for the burn wound area and the unaffected reference skin area) and a means of burn classification which would be most suitable for the choice of treatment. The work was an in vivo animal(More)
An electrode matrix and electronic circuit for simultaneous monitoring heart performance and respiration activity is described in the paper. The heart performance is evaluated basing on a mechanical and electrical activity. The mechanical activity is measured using bioimpedance method while the electrical one using a typical approach, i.e. one channel(More)
Health monitoring at home could be an important element of care and support environment for older people. Diversity of diseases and different needs of users require universal design of a home platform. We present our work on a sensor-based multimodal platform that is trained to recognize the activities elderly person on their home. Two specific problems(More)
A design of an ergonomic and user-friendly pointing device for elderly people enabling them to operate a traditional windows-based operating system is presented in the paper. To mimic a more natural way of pointing at various things on the computer screen the traditional interface was combined with the gaze control pointing device. The gaze tracking is only(More)