Mariusz Grabowski

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Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) are socially and economically important, since they represent 99 % of all enterprises in the European Union (EU). They provide around 65 million jobs and contribute to entrepreneurship and innovation. Being an essential ingredient of presentday business, information technology (IT) on one hand works as an(More)
The paper objective is to apply Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)-based usage and attitude variables for the predictive user segmentation of Moodle-based e-learning system in a university. The study explores the path models with latent variables estimated by partial least squares method (SmartPLS and plspm library of the R package were used for the(More)
The paper presents a research project on identification of good practices based on information technology to improve the efficiency of Polish courts. The research draws from New Institutional Economics – the theory that explains why efforts to improve the efficiency of institutions, specifically judiciary are essential for the transition economy. The(More)
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