Marius Tennøe

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1 The effects of the irreversible monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors, AGN 1133, AGN 1135 and (-)-deprenyl, on tyramine and noradrenaline responses and uptake of [3H]-metaraminol were investigated in the isolated vas deferens of the rat. Uptake of [3H]-metaraminol and [3H]-octopamine was compared in mouse vas deferens. The modification of tyramine and(More)
—High resolution, wide field of view video generated from multiple camera feeds has many use cases. However, processing the different steps of a panorama video pipeline in real-time is challenging due to the high data rates and the stringent requirements of timeliness. We use panorama video in a sport analysis system where video events must be generated in(More)
The importance of winning has increased the role of performance analysis in the sports industry, and this underscores how statistics and technology keep changing the way sports are played. Thus, this is a growing area of interest, both from a computer system view in managing the technical challenges and from a sport performance view in aiding the(More)
1 The degree of selective monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibition produced by (-)-deprenyl, clorgyline, LY51641 and tranylcypromine was examined in relation to modification of tyramine and noradrenaline contractile responses of the rat isolated vas deferens. 2 All inhibitors possessed reversible alpha-adrenoceptor blocking activity, determined against(More)
The in vivo luminescence of an aldehyde-requiring mutant of the luminous bacteria Vibrio harveyi (M42) increases dramatically upon the addition of long-chain aliphatic aldehydes (C8-C16). The intensity of this luminescence is linearly related to aldehyde concentration. This property was utilized for the determination of monoamine oxidase activity using(More)
Deamination of n-octylamine and n-decylamine has been studied in various tissues using a new bioluminescence technique. Selectivity of n-octylamine and n-decylamine as substrates for monoamine oxidase (MAO) A or B has been determined using both clorgyline and (-)-deprenyl inhibition curves and kinetic parameters. Homogenates of rat brain, liver and heart(More)
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