Marius Strobl

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A main cost factor of the electronics in modern cars is the harness as well as the number and complexity of gateways between the different automotive networks. Part of the vision “All IP/Ethernet Car” is the reduction of this costs. Today cars use different networks for power distribution and communication. With Ethernet it is possible to(More)
Apparatus for immobilizing the patient's head in an identically reproducible position is required, if the advantages of exact quasi-3-D-therapy planning are to be fully exploited for the irradiation of irregular target volumes in the head and neck area. The topics of this report are the production and application of individual thermoplastic masks in(More)
Often it is necessary to be able to rapidly prototype an embedded system to proof a concept or for actually developing a product. Typically, this means that one has the need for an existing microcontroller based design including usual components like a General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) interface, an IEEE 802.3 compliant Ethernet Media Access Controller(More)
Although serial communication as in RS-232 is venerable by today’s standards, it is still found in new designs. Moreover, unlike as in the old days when used to communicate over lossy phone lines, for instance in an automotive environment it is crucial to ensure its reliability and safety. In this paper, an approach for the necessary Bit Error Rate (BER)(More)
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