Marius Sălăgean

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To investigate the suitability of three lichen species (Cetraria islandica, Evernia prunastri, and Ramalina farinacea) as transplants to trace-element air biomonitoring, they were exposed on substratum-free supports, from July 1996 until July 1997, in three European countries with different climates (Germany, Italy, Romania), at six sites with different(More)
Signal processing techniques have attracted a lot of attention recently in the networking security technology, because of their capability of detecting novel intrusions or attacks. In this paper, we propose a new detection mechanism of network traffic anomaly based on Analytical Discrete Wavelet Transform (ADWT) and high-order statistical analysis. In order(More)
Allergic rhinitis is an inflammatory disorder of the nasal mucosa typified by the symptoms of nasal itch, sneeze, anterior nasal secretions, and nasal blockage. These symptoms arise from the interaction between mediators and neural, vascular, and glandular structures within the nose. Nasal itch, sneezes, and rhinorrhoea are predominantly neural in origin,(More)
Liver transplantation (LT) is a stressful condition for the cardiovascular system of patients with advanced hepatic disease. The underlying hemodynamic and cardiac status of patients with cirrhosis is crucial to determine which patients should became recipients. In addition to advanced age and the presence of comorbidities, there are specific cardiovascular(More)
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