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next generation wireless systems will lead to an integration of existing networks, forming a heterogeneous network. Re-configurable systems will be the enabling technology sharing hardware resources for different purposes. This paper will highlight the requirements of a re-configurable multi-standard terminal from the physical-layer point of view. A(More)
— Currently most of the terminals for UMTS-FDD implement a simple Rake receiver. This paper shows how the Rake, including despreading and descrambling, could be replaced by a least squares receiver that can be implemented on a Cordic based hardware architecture. The performance in conjunction with the computational requirements of the receiver is widely(More)
In this paper we give an overview of approximate CORDIC rotations and try to identify when they might be advantageous for various matrix algorithms and signal processing applications. With this respect we analyse the rotation angles occuring during the discussed algorithms. There are various properties of these rotation angles, which imply that approximate(More)
In this paper the implementation of multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) signal processing on a reconfigurable hardware architecture is discussed. The implementation of MIMO systems is usually determined by the parameters of the application at hand, e.g. the number of sensor elements, the number of output signals or the required word length. Furthermore,(More)
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