Marius O. Poliac

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We describe the design principles and functionality of a visual query language called SeeQL that represents data retrieval and analysis operations as a data-ow graph. A query is viewed as a sequence of re-lational algebra and other data transformation operations applied to database tables. The language is well-suited for large-scale scientiic database(More)
AGNESS is an expert system shell developed at the University of Minnesota. AGNESS is more general than other shells. It uses a computation network to represent expert defined rules, and can handle any well-defined inference method. The system works with non-numeric as well as numeric data, and shares constructs whenever possible to achieve increased storage(More)
Summary form only given. The authors have applied a simple back propagation neural network on a very large scale in an attempt to associate many primary sequences with representations of the corresponding three-dimensional structures. The training set consisted of 25 five sequences (the input layer, 130 amino acids long) associated with 25 130*130 distance(More)
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